Hamas: a resistant or radical movement?

   This scene could have be of a terrorist execution by a islamist group but in fact and as we all know is a public execution by the so called resistant movement Hamas. I already said before that Hamas lost the opportunity of a free Palestine when it chose the way of violence and this picture give me reason. How Israel can allow a independent Palestine ruled by a radical and anti-democratic movement? If Israel is responsible of many war crimes so it is Hamas and so is a big error to accuse only the israeli army. Look for public executions in Syria and tell me where are the differences. You not be able to find them because there are not any difference. And if those who have been executed were really traitors, there will be need of killing them? It's important not to make confusion between the ambition of some orthodox jews of invade Palestine and create a big Israel and the desire of most part of Israel people of more security and peace as is important not to make confusion between the desire of palestinian people of a free State and a hypothetic free fighter movement that in reality control Gaza peoples life in a some kind of theocracy like in Iran. 
   Acts like this are only more reasons to Israel justify his attacks and consequently more innocent victims. Are also a extremely negative publicity to the palestinian cause but perhaps isn't that the main objective of the Hamas. Let's hope that one day Hamas learn to forgive instead of always use violence!

Russia-Ukraine crisis: Chamberlain way or Churchill way?

      Nowadays we have been seeing the most problematic crisis in Europe since the end of the Cold War, between Russia and Ukraine. In this crisis started by the russian government with a indirect help of the ukrainian far-right, we have been seeing some decisions and acts of the russian government and his leader Putin that remind us the time before the beginning of the II World War, the nazis and Hitler. We all now how this crisis started: the most part of the ukrainian people tired of the russian influence in all matters of the country, had chosen to turn to Europe, a more democratic and freely side. Reacting negatively to this rejection the russian government invaded Crimea, a region in Ukraine with the pretext of defending the russian community in Ukraine (most part of it on east side near the border with Russia). After that, the russian authorities didn't invaded again any region in Ukraine, at least directly with the army, but is well known that the not all rebels are ukrainians and most of them are russians, directed from Russia to infiltrate and create the chaos in Ukraine. Some of them are old KGB agents. All this to make of Ukraine a barrel of gunpowder and perhaps make conditions to a new invasion of Ukraine. In 1938, Hitler also invaded Austria and ex-Czechoslovakia with the justification of unite and support the german people and also had created conditions to make more easy those invasions. Another two reasons to compare Putin to Hitler is the humiliation and the revenge. The humiliation as both saw the end of the States that represented power to them. The German Empire to Hitler and the ex-Soviet Union to Putin. Revenge as both of them seems to look a way of rise again this power and defeat the western world. If this was truth in the Hitler situation is more hard to understand it in Putin. It's easy to understand a desire of revenge in the russian president as he was a KGB agent and perhaps he's nostalgic of those times when ex-Soviet Union ruled half-world but humiliation in what? Nor USA or Europe or any other country and region ever invaded the ex-Soviet Union. There never was a war between the superpowers and if Putin want to accuse someone, he should look to the story of his own country and his leaders, after 1917. The soviet empire has fall down because it lived many years in a unsustainable lie hided by many promises of equality and no more work exploration when in fact the soviet people was being constantly explored by the leaders of the country and all the nomenclature of the only authorized Party. This stayed until the arrival of Gobarchev into the power, that tried to renovate the country and the established order without destroy it. But we all know what happened after this. Without make a complete idea of the situation in his country, Gobarchev really finished to destroy the old order, even with no intention. But at least, he was the only leader sincere to the people, and the only one (with Ieltsin) truly democratic after 1917. So if Putin didn't like of the end of the empire he should ask why the soviet army was so strong when at same time people lived in hard conditions in social, economical and political ways. So I think that Putin can be nostalgic but not humiliated by something that was the natural line of History and not was a external fault.
    After this comparison between the russian and nazi attitudes we can also compare the western reactions to them and mostly Europe. In 1938 we had Chamberlain and Churchill. Now we have many Chamberlains but no Churchill. The first reason to this is a common reason to both times: the fear of war. No wonder as in 1938, Europe had already passed by a world world war and now the same continent had already saw two world wars. So europeans are sick of war and they have reason to be. The other reasons are economical reasons, and if one of them is easy to understand because Europe depends on russian gas, is very hard to understand how some countries like Germany, italy or France are not stronger, only because economical interests. I know history is full of hypocrisy but is hard to accept that some leaders close their eyes to protect their interests, when Europe is the continent where democracy was born and of where Ukraine wait for help to build a free and democratic country. So there are Chamberlains but unfortunately no Churchill. And why there are not a Churchill? Because Europe is not united as it should be. The russian government is the biggest threat to the european peace but the european leaders can't be united, even in a serious case like this. Even with all the provocations by the russian authorities and/or rebels pro-Russia like the malaysian plane and more recently the convoy with humanitarian help. Putin uses Ukraine as if it was a part of Russia and he provokes the more possible he can the western world without however brake the rope, because he want that Ukraine government answer to those provocations in a way that justify a new invasion. Putin is perhaps believing that the western world will not react to a new invasion of Ukraine but he want to say to international community that the responsibility was not of him but from his enemies. In fact is hard to believe in a new world war in a nuclear era, except if a leader State is crazy enough to arrive into this point ( there's also the terrorist threat, but that is another story) and so is very hard to believe that Putin want to stretch the rope until unimaginable consequences. So on one hand Europe must forget economical interests, defend it's own ideals and unite against any attempt of destruction of democracy, peace, equality and freedom. On other hand it can never enter in a game of provocations that can bring more instability to the world. We need Chamberlains but also Churchills. The game of Putin can be see as a provocation to war but also a opportunity to peace if Europe play it according to it own rules and not Putin rules.


A unica herança da guerra!

Soldados franceses, polacos e belgas mortos durante a  I Guerra Mundial

Ala dos soldados do império britânico mortos no mesmo conflito

Ala dos soldados de origem arabo-musulmana

Ala dos soldados alemães 

Hamas and Nethanyaou government: the worst enemies of peace!

          What is happening in Gaza is a horrible tragedy that can't and must not be forgotten and is very sad that a so old conflict is still existing, when a peace treaty could already have been done if parts showed some interest on  it. But the worst is that peace nowadays seem impossible because of forces dominating in each side of the barricade that are making everything to not only destroy the peace process but also make reborn hate against the enemy. We arrive in a time where the hope of the Oslo Agreements seems to be vanished and everything must be rebuild. Who have the charge of this situation? Hamas and the Nethanyaou government. Hamas because always refused the peace process and the right of Israel to exist. Hamas in a incomprehensible choice of always be on the side of confrontation, knowing that victory is impossible, is making harder life to Gaza citizens. In this case why Hamas don't renounce to violence like so many groups in the world already made it (FARC, ETA, IRA)? If Hamas choose the way of no-violence it could win 2 victories: first, more sympathy of the international community as Hamas will see only as victim and not also as aggressor and second it will be more hard for israeli army to justify attacks in Gaza. But Hamas continues to use violence, putting in danger not only the israeli people but also the Gaza people. And I don't understand how some people can call Hamas a resistant movement as they attack civilian people. But in this Gaza situation the biggest mistake is from Israel. Israel has the right to security but the way that Nethanyaou is taking is the worst way for his own country. But is not astonishing when the israeli government is supported by the far-right wing. They achieved to transform a tiny threatened country by all neighbors to a aggressive  country against the most important neighbor they have in a symbolic way. Now in the eyes of the international community Israel is the aggressor, what being true is forget that Israel is also aggressed and threatened. Nethanyaou is supported by the majority of the israeli people but the internal support is sometimes the worst adviser as Israel is forgetting the external reactions. Also by using extremely and unnecessary violence, Nethanyaou is provoking anger and revolt in the arab world what is the worst that could happen to the peace process. In the end and despite so many violent attacks, we all know that  Hamas will not end so why continue with these terrible violence? So both parts insist in the worst solutions,  that ones that only can bring more violence and war. If things worked fine, both Hamas and israeli government would be judged on war crimes but both have important allies that prevent any measure of justice.
    To finish I would like to bring all two appointments: first, Gaza is being saw as a victim, what is not completely right. Is true that people of Gaza is suffering a lot and is victim of indescribable violence but Hamas is also using violence what is different from situations like Tibet, Apartheid in South Africa or East-Timor. Second I already saw, some people comparing what is happening in Gaza with the Holocaust. Well, I don't agree. Even the situation in Gaza is unacceptable, is not a methodic way of extermination of a people. What don't stop me of think that what Israel is doing is a reason to bring the government to international court.

Flight MH17: The symbol of a new wall in Europe?

          The malaysian flight MH17 will remain in history as one of the biggest tragedies in aviation history. But it will not remain in memory only because of that but also because is the worst episode of the political crisis between Russia and the Western World, since the end of the Cold War. In  fact everything what is happening after the crash of the plane is like a back in time travel, when ex- Soviet Union tried to hide all activities under the iron curtain. Now there's no more this symbol of separation and Cold War is finished but no apparently in Putin's head that is trying to do everything to restore that old superpower and make of Russia again a country with a valuable voice in International Relations. Unfortunately Putin had chosen the way of confrontation, creating instability and threatening the normal course of history. Things have been getting worst since the invasion of Crimea in a evident violation of International Law and now they are in a point extremely tense, that once more remember the Cold War, period where the littlest provocation could take to a conflict. In this case, what have been happening after the criminal action of flight MH17 is a sad sign of disrespect to the families of those whom perished and a total abandon of the true replaced by the terrible hypocrisy  that only cold minds dominated by strategic chess games of power can have. For Putin, nothing is more important than make of Russia again a superpower, even that means to change the real true. Is more than evident that Russia has at least a moral responsibility in the crash of the MH17 and if doubts existed, is possible to see how the russian government and separatists are making everything to give a different version of the story and prevent investigators of doing their job. Things that they would not do if they were innocent. The missile was fired from a region controlled by separatists so it would be very hard that Ukrainians could fired it . Even knowing that, Russia and separatists have been giving their own versions of what happened, always concluding on the culpability of ukrainians. First they said, ukrainians fired the missile because they thought Putin was in the plane, after they said that was not a missile but the plane was attacked by ukrainian air force planes and others theories includes: the ukrainians shot down the plane to provoke a mass murder of russian citizens, the ukrainian air traffic controllers redirected the flight to fly over the war zone and that ukrainian government planed the attack to make public opinion against pro-russian rebels. As it's easy to see, it's all theories without any sense that only show the ridiculous attempts of hide what is impossible to hide. But even that more than 80% of russian citizens believe in those theories, what make remember one more time the Cold War, period where people only could saw what the government let it. But now times are a little different and for example Sarah Firth, a correspondent with RT resigned in protest at the obvious misinformation of the channel about the tragedy and the russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta published a bold headline in Dutch that read "Vergeef Ons, Nederland" (Forgive us, Netherlands) what show that at least not all russians agree with the government games.
       This tragedy would not happened if the russian government didn't make everything to divide Ukraine, because this conflict is so ridiculous as unnecessary. Putin has not yet understand that Cold War had finished and he not accept that old territories of the ex-Soviet Union could choose their own way. For him Russia must remains as the strongest influenceable country in that region. And by the way I would not say that Putin is like Hitler but is true that some actions remember the nazi dictator. Hitler invaded Austria and Czech Republic to apparently "protect" german people and interests on those countries. Putin is doing the same with russian people in Ukraine. But protect of what? Was not Ukraine a united and stable country before the arrival of pro-russian rebels? And even that was true about a kind of segregation by the ukrainian government on russian community in Ukraine, was the war the necessary solution to solve that problem? For me was like try to extinguish a fire with oil.
      The only good thing of this tragedy (if it's possible to title like this) is that finally European Union show a true Union and tenacity over the russian government. Of course people can say that sanctions will not take anywhere but these time they are stronger and what could be the next step? A war? No one want that and Europe is not prepared to fight against russian army. Maybe Europe and US should show more power but this would means a entry in the russian provocative game with some possible bad  consequences. The question is: is Putin searching to destabilize the International Relations and create chaos in Europe or he would take the responsibility of someone that leads a great country with a great influence and for that reason can't take all decisions as desired? A little country has little influence and so it's actions have little repercussion but a country like Russia can not take decisions that can provoke a dangerous change in world equilibrium. In the 80's the US president Ronald Reagan said to Gorbachev to "tear down this wall" about the Berlin wall. I hope that Putin don't want to raise it again!


Israel and Gaza: the bad image of the western world on a UN resolution and the culpability of both Israel government and Hamas.

    This picture show the result of a resolution of the UN Human Rights Council on Gaza and the Occupied Palestinian Territory. It was adopted with 29 votes in favor, 1 against and 17 abstentions.
    "The resolution establishes a Commission of Inquiry into human rights violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, demands that israel ceases its military assaults and lifts the blockade of Gaza." (saw in United Nations Human Rights facebook page).
     By analyzing the votes, its sad to see that the condition to vote was political interests and alliances and not human rights. As european and occidental western citizen, I will be always proud of what we gave to the world, on tolerance, democracy, liberty, equality and of course human rights but sometimes our leaders don't give a good example and that's why this vote is hard to accept. Not the result, but the choice of some countries. It's hard to accept because we all know what is happening in Gaza (one example: in these last days, 4 UN schools were attacked by israeli military forces) but for example US voted against the resolution and all the western world voted for abstention. On other hand no-democratic countries as Cuba, China or Venezuela voted for the resolution and it's like seeing the world  upside down. There's easy to explain this vote, but that's not enough to justify it, when we see every day violations of human rights in Gaza. So the US voted against because of course the always strong jew lobby that has always a big power and influence, principally in the republican party and the right wing of the american politics. Second the US allies didn't voted for the resolution, to not go against US but choose abstention because they recognize that what is happening in Gaza is not right and so they found a compromise because by choosing abstention they knew that the resolution will be approved. Even that is hard to accept this blindness of US government and the lack of courage to go against the powerful jew lobby and that is a failure of american external politics as from Israel external politics because both are more and more isolated and in the wrong side of human rights.
    Saying this, I will not reject some principals of my own and so if I considerer that what is making the israeli army in Gaza is a violation of human rights, I not forget that Israel is also a threatened territory by  Hamas and allies. Of course is not comparable the force used by both sides but making of Gaza a oppressed territory like the tibetan case is not fair in my opinion. Let's not forget that Tibet has no an armed force like in Gaza and for me Hamas is not a force of resistance like some people think but a terrorist force that seeks for the destruction of Israel. And for that reason, Israel has the right to defend itself. What I don't agree is the way how Israel army is fighting against Hamas. What need they have of killing so many people including children? Let's face the truth. In this conflict and except for the people, there's no innocents and so take only one part as responsible is to have a false image of the conflict. Both israeli government and Hamas should be condemned in International Court but is very hard to believe that something like that will happen.
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